See below points for the highlights of Zurich Colloquium 2013
or download the program as a printable overview.
8 Sept. 2013 - Sunday

Welcome Cocktail Downtown Zurich, Hotel Marriott
9 - 11 Sept. 2013
3 day of Public Sessions at ETH Zurich
with conference, workshops (tutorial), poster session and exhibition

Detailed schedule (xls, status 7 sept. 2013)
  • Monday:   Opening of conference and introduction
    >> Local Chairman, Pascal Müller
    >> Head of Cigré, Prof. Klaus Fröhlich
    >> Chairman SC A2, Claude Rajotte
    >> Chairman SC C4, Pouyan Pourbeik
  • Monday (PS 3):   Network planning in the context of an ageing transformer fleet
    >>  Keynote by Pierre Boss, Switzerland
    >>  Chair: Peter Cole, Australia, Pierre Lorin, Switzerland 
    Poster Session   
  • Tuesday (PS 1):   Interaction between transformer and the Power System
    >>  Keynote by Yukiyasu Shirasaka, Japan 
     >>  Chair: Angelica Rocha, Brasil, René Wimmer, Germany
             (PS 2):   Experience with the use of Phase-Shifting transformers
>>  Keynote by Sheila Batey, United Kingdom
  >>   Chair: Danielle, McNabb, Canada, Jos Veens, Netherlands

Conference Dinner at Zunfthaus zur Meisen, a rococo palace Downtown Zurich. The guild of vintners - wine tavern owners, saddlers and painters - has built it in the 18th Century.
  • Wednesday:         Workshops (Tutorials)
     >>   Chair: Farhad Rachidi
    Oxidation stability of liquids
    >> Ivanka Atanasova-Hoehlein
    Transformer Fire Safety Practices
    >> Arne Petersen
    JWG A2/C4.39 (309)
    Electrical Transient Interaction between Transformers and the Power System
    >> Angelica Rocha
    Guide for Transformer Procurement Process
    >> Tom Breckenridge
    Resonance and Ferroresonance in Power Network
    >> Zia Emin + Marta Val Escudero
Study Committee Evening (for Cigré SC members only) on "Top of ETH", Dozentenfoyer.
12 Sept. 2013 - Thursday
Cigré Study Committee - Annual Meetings

13 Sept. 2013 - Friday
Technical Visits
  • Power plant "Grimsel" in the Swiss Alps (1 day) >> more
  • Weidmann, a transformer board manufacturer, and visit to a cavern surge valve (1 day) >> more
  • ABB-production plant Micafil Bushings (1/2 day)  >> more
14 Sept. 2013 - Saturday
Excursions on your own
- see travel ideas on   

Meeting for Working Groups, Advisory Groups and SC
Please refer to your separate WG planning.
► Be aware of the different location according the date of your meeting
- venue for meetings on 7 - 8 + 14 Sept.: >> ewz Elektrizitätswerk Stadt Zürich, Tramstrasse 35, Zürich 
- venue for meetings from 11 to 13 Sept. >> ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Rämistrasse 101, Zurich